Everyone is not the SAME!

But when it comes to the services available to home buyers and sellers, the one shoe fits all policy prevails. It is time for a change!

The reality is everyone has very specific needs, goals and purposes. Considered along with their situation and needed outcome, it turns out EVERYONE IS UNIQUE.

That is why I provide a wide array of choices, so the right solution is presented for each unique buyer and seller. 

Buyer Elite Plan

  • Be rewarded for the work you do through a REBATE!
  • Perfect for buyers who know what they want


First Look Option for Sellers

  • No endless parade of stranger through your home
  • Private sale
  • Knowledgeable buyer
  • Less intrusive into your home life.

CIS Score for Buyers & Sellers  
FINALLY, the right way to do a home value

  • Input YOU control
  • Instant